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The cancer specialist looked at the lab test results and then said...…

“Roger, based on my 18 years of experience, you have no more than 

6 - 9 months to live and there is nothing medical science can do for you! 

The best advice I can give you is to go home and get your affairs in order.”

Roger did not conquer his cancer because I am a genius.

I am NOT a genius. My children and friends can confirm that.

Roger and I were very, very lucky that I had researched cancer for many years, had run across some very good science that other people had done, remembered it, was asked to take Roger to see the oncologist and then we made some very fortunate choices about what products to use in trying to help Roger live.

Roger and his wife were my best friends. They trusted me and had the hope, faith and courage to try my suggestions. One wrong choice by any of us, anywhere along the way, and Roger would have died just as his doctor had told him. “One Cancer Cure” is a monument to humble friends and our way of sharing with other people who need help. We all need a little help sometime. Miracles are welcome too.

Please share www.OneCancerCure.com with everyone you know.

If you share with just 6 other people and they each also share with just 6 more, by the time we have had 12 "sharings" we will have reached EVERY FAMILY ON EARTH and cancer will be on its way to be something we only read of in history books. We can't do too much sharing of something that can save lives and end the suffering and tragedy of cancer.

You Can Make It Happen. 

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